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Marjorie Gibbons has sent in this SMC photo, from around 1944. It shows her late husband Michael and his brother Peter Herbert, as indicated. Can you identify anyone else? Email :

SMC c1944 SMC_c1944

Commem 1952 from Tim Watson
Centenary Commem 1956

School photo 1970: From Gareth Davies Morris (D-M II), sent from San Diego

SMC 1970

High Jump. David Wells-Cole: I thought I would send you this photo of high-jump practice on the main cricket field in c. 1956. The jumper is (I think) Paul Coleman; others in the picture, all 'jumping' as well, are from left to right (the ones I can remember): Mountney, ?, ?, Mortimore, Davies-Williams,
Evans, ?, Norsworthy, ?
In the background is the late cricket pavilion, which I believe was presented to the school by Sir Pelham Warner, president of M.C.C.
High Jump
Choir 1956. Tim Watson writes:
I recently came across the attached pictures of the St Michael's choir in around 1956 or 57. Kenneth Beard's death reminded me to send them to you. The head choristers were Unwin (left) and Smith (who sadly died on the rugby field). I was also in the choir and also appear to feature in the group shot of the scout troop!
Choir 1956 Choir 1956 - 2
Commem 1949 (Thanks to Tim Jones)
Tim Jones (1949-54) writes:
I have a photograph of the 1954 rugby XV (below).It was actually taken at the end of the Summer term that year which is why we are wearing cricket shirts.This is because the redoubtable Miss Ashley decided that the original photo taken the previous term was not good enough for publication in the magazine.
The name are,from the left:
Back row- John Scriven,Christopher Evans,Paul Drummond,Stephen Craig,Julian Dams,Francis Sykes.
Middle row-Gus Wheeler,David Timmis,Tim Jones,Nick Jones,Christopher Bett.
Front row-Chris Rhys,Peter Davies,John White,Michael Thomas.
1954 Rugger
see also 1950 1st IX cricket below

Steve Rainsberry (1973-1977) has unearthed this, of the unbeaten 1st IV of 1974:
Ben Sinclair, Stephen Hicks, Martin Stokes, John Gray, Stuart Mold, Ed Cutting, Leander Wiggins.
Dave Brill, James Conerbere-Cross, Adam Bench, Rob Adams, Iain Elliott, Steve Rainsberry.
Nick Hammersley, Nick Rowlands, Nick Brown, Anthony Mead, Paul Smith

Unbeaten 1st IV of 1974

Chris Higman has unearthed these two images and has identified those concerned:

1957 1st XI
Above: 1957 1st XI. Dick Stride, Brian Demaus
Charles Beresford, Chris Higman, Young, Ahmed, Bickmore
Burrows, Mansell, Gervais Wells-Cole, Richardson, Patrick Dunn (who was studying art at the Ruskin, while I was in Oxford)
David Wells-Cole, Tariq Ismail
scout troop
The scout troop comprises:
Kenneth Beard, Mansell, Wall, Ed Gould, GJ Wells-Cole, Richardson, Bickmore, Charles Beresford, Walker, Mr. Oldroyd
Yarnold, Bunch, Chris Higman, Burrows, Young, Field, Jackson, Ahmed, Humphries, JR Evans, Watson
Lowder, Jones, Cartwright, Harris Ismail, nelson, Patrick Dunn, Corbett, Vann

centenary_group1.jpg (147491 bytes)

Society Centenary 2006. More centenary photos

SMC in 1883

This is the oldest photograph we have, taken in 1883



old_meets_new.jpg (31000 bytes)

And this sets it in context, 121 years later


cadmore_expedition.jpg (82548 bytes)

An expedition to the Cadmore

cadmore_model_railway.jpg (28016 bytes)

Cadmore Model Railway

choir_1953.jpg (109953 bytes)

Choir 1953

college_1926.jpg (27237 bytes)

College 1926

SMC in 1929

1929 School photograph
Do you recognise anyone?

pioneers.jpg (39903 bytes)
Were you ever a Pioneer?

Thanks to the Robsons for this one taken in 1977


keith_earnshaw.jpg (11650 bytes)

Keith Earnshaw played at
Reunion 2002:

London Reunion 1950s

London Reunion, 1950's
Can you name anyone there?

West end of Chapel


Old building corridor

altar_zoom.jpg (18704 bytes)
Chapel, west end Cloisters looking towards Chapel Corridor 
(remember lining up for Evensong?)
Chapel altar


Handel's Messiah

The Library

Willis Organ

Another service over (thanks to former pupil, chorister and teacher Kevin Jacot for these four photos)

Handel's conducting score of 'Messiah' - sold to 'save' the College!

The Library,built on Masonic double-cube design

Willis Organ in the chapel

aerial_pre65.jpg (499407 bytes)

bolligrew.jpg (147688 bytes)

diningpax.jpg (212562 bytes)

musiclesson.jpg (102814 bytes)

Aerial view pre-1965

The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew, -late 1960's

The Dining Hall in action circa 1971

Percussion lesson, in the Music School, 1971
science.jpg (92705 bytes) beggarsop.jpg (61555 bytes)

beggarsrecording.jpg (84823 bytes)

choir71.jpg (85034 bytes)
Science lesson, with Brian Demaus i/c as ever Beggar's Opera, 
late 1960's
Beggar's Opera, recording for the BBC The Choir of '71

Next, something from way back, a series of photographs from the 1930's,(Thanks to Jenny Paxman for these)

chapel.jpg (119574 bytes)

chapeldorm.jpg (98662 bytes) bigdorm.jpg (118414 bytes) classroom.jpg (96990 bytes)
changing.jpg (92757 bytes) cricketsan.jpg (46378 bytes) dining hall newbuildings.jpg (139805 bytes)

Old Photo of the College

View from above, pre Alderson buliding

View from Swann Building

Wardens list formerly in Dining Hall

A familiar, if a little dated view

The College from the air, c.1965

View of Old Building and Chapel, from Swann building List of the Wardens and Fellows 

College photo May 1970

school photo, around 1973

College photo 1976

gardeners.jpg (70883 bytes)

School Photograph outside the Warden's House, taken in May 1970

Again, this time around 1973

And this time taken around 1976

SMC Gardening Club, at work,  1969

Were you there in 1976?

Criket team, but when?

Ist XI cricket 1977

Play: 12th Night 1969

This was taken around 1977/8, and features the annual Prize giving Day. (In the centre is the Warden, Rev'd Andrew Walters)

Team details

Cricket First XI, 

Play: 12th Night, 1969

If you have other photographs of SMC, please get in touch. You might see them here!

Photographs above are webmaster's collection,  also from Philip Sale (1968-72), Jenny Paxman 1965-77, Kevin Jacot, Derrik Jenkyns, Michael Hart and others

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