Music of St Michael's

Here we give you a unique opportunity to hear the choir of the College as it was, and also some of the music associated with St Michael's.

Address by Rev'd Andrew Walters, at Choral Evensong, 27th September 2006
BBC Choral Evensong

Grace, recorded by Jenny Paxman, under the High Table in the Dining Hall, Commem, 1976 (We think it was the microphone that was under the table, as opposed to the Warden's wife)

Music recorded at:

Evensong, Reunion 2008

Evensong, Reunion 2007

Evensong, Reunion 2005

Evensong, Reunion 2004  

Evensong, Reunion 2003
Wood in D, From the Rising of the Sun - Ouseley

Evensong, Reunion 2002 Ouseley in B minor Windows Real media format

Evensong, Reunion 2001 Ouseley in E flat

Evensong, Reunion 2000
Ouseley in E flat

One of Ouseley's organ works Praeludium et Fuga No. 2 in A(midi file) Recorded by Steven Rhode

The last choir of the college sing "Jerusalem on High", composed by the Founder, Sir F.A.G.Ouseley  

Here is the final verse of the hymn "Christ is made the sure foundation", sung at the service which marked the closure of the college as a choir school on 14th July 1985. The descant to this verse was written especially for the occasion by the then Master of the Music, Roger Judd.
The recording was made by Dog Rose Sound of Ludlow   (01584 874848) and is used with permission

Ouseley's O Saviour of the World, sung in Eton College Chapel by Choirs of Eton College and Winchester College, recorded on 12th October 2000 -used by permission of the Precentor of Eton College and director of Music of Winchester College

The Hymn tune 'Tenbury' written by Ouseley in 1861

National Sound Archive listing of SMC music